Our Specialty – High Volume Staffing, Financial Recruiting and Executive Search

Who We Are

With more than 75 years of experience we can show quality of life through economic empowerment

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What We Do

Our approach to progress is to build lasting, systemic change to support African Americans

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Our Process

Learn how we help individuals and companies bridge the gap to become more diverse.

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EARN works closely with employers and job seekers, following local trends and identifying the best possible talent for our clients. With the combination of online candidate recruiting, personalized service, and industry experience, ESS quickly and effectively meets the needs of our partners.


A More Comprehensive Solution for Employers and Candidates

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Our staffing associates are aligned by specialty area to better understand the trends and opportunities in the industry. EARN follows a disciplined process of identifying quality candidates, partnering with employers to understand their core business and their employment requirements.

We bring quality solutions by combining years of experiences of our very professional team.


Jessica Brooks
Martin Shepherd
George Robinson II
Tony Canella
VP of Strategy
Dawnn Clisby
Director of Staffing & Business Development
Monita Canella
Recruiting Manager

Our Results

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We understand the importance of advancing in your career. At EARN, we will put you in position to do just that...advance.


We understand the importance of having the right candidate for your company. At EARN, we will provide your company with someone who is the perfect fit to help your company thrive.