Business Manager & Staff Accountant

The Business Manager & Staff Accountant is responsible for managing critical business duties, financial tasks and full accounting needs for the Hill CDC organization and its assets. The role is essential to the organization’s current affairs and future growth. Breakdown of duties is approximately: Accounting, Financial Services and Grant Management:50% Administration: 20% Human Resources: 10% Property & Facilities: 10% Technology/Information Systems: 10%


Job Description

 Accounting, Financial Services and Grant Management: 50% 

 Work with president and CEO and consulting staff to ensure completion of annual audit, financial reports of any kinds, financial statements etc. 

 Prepare and maintain financial records to track the organization’s assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liabilities, and other related financial activities. 

 Performance and oversight of all accounting-relating functions, including budgeting process, annual audits and utilization of financial data to enhance operational efficiencies, including for real estate. 

 Performs general cost accounting and other related duties for the organization. 

 Prepares monthly balance sheets, income statements, and profit and loss statements. 

 Maintains the general ledger. 

 Codes invoices, sets up new accounts, reconciles accounts, and closes the monthly books. 

 Reconciles bank accounts at least monthly, verifies deposits, and addresses inquiries from banks. 

 Reconciles cash disbursement accounts, payroll, customer accounts, and other financial accounts; manages accounts receivable collections. 

 Verifies and/or completes payment of invoices associated with accounts payable and ensures payments are charged to the appropriate accounts. 

 Negotiate with vendors and follow plans. 

 Provides outside auditors with assistance; gathers necessary account information and documents to perform annual audit. 

 Works with management to properly allocate expenses to new and existing grants. 

 Produces grant reports as needed within three days of request. 

 Provides monthly grant reports. 

 Reconciles grants with management. 

 Properly accounts for and reports on all capital campaign contributions. 

 Files tax forms with federal, state, and local government agencies 

 Coordinates with software vendor to maintain accounting software systems; recommends updates to enhance the accounting software. 

 Manages the purchasing and invoicing system. 

 Maintains knowledge of acceptable accounting practices and procedures. 

 Works with senior consultants as needed to meet the financial and reporting needs of the organization. 

 Ability to produce charts and graphics to communicate financial concepts. 

 Prepare and review financial statements and data. 

 Utilize financial data to improve operational and administrative efficiency. Prepare and support leadership in operationalizing budgets. Manage and complete annual audit process of the Hill CDC and related entities. Recommend effective strategies for the financial well-being and ongoing growth of the Hill CDC. 

 Performs other related duties as assigned. 

Administration: 20% 

 Coordinate, manage and monitor assigned functions and consultants related to duties here in. Monitor, manage and improve the efficiency of support services such as information technology, accounting and finance. Facilitate coordination and communication between support services, vendors and department functions. 

 Assure management, proper filing and renewal for all critical organizational documents, contracts, insurances etc.; 

 Design, implement and oversee risk management practices and policies, involving a range of areas such as properties, especially insurances and other compliance related items; 

 Ensure proper filing and access to contracts, legal documents and other organizational documents that are critical to a high functioning non-profit organization; 

 Ensure the implementation, adoption and regular updating of standard operating procedures; 

 Risk Management – Design, implement and oversee organizational practices and policies, involving a range of areas such as with properties. 

 Manage contracts, payouts and vendors. 

 Performs other related duties as assigned. 

Property & Facilities: 15% 

 Review property financials with Hill CDC leadership and ensure follow-up on items of concern. Ensure delegation of duties and completion for items impacting financial performance of asset, and also ensure appropriate risk mitigation techniques. 

 Ensure timely production of monthly, quarterly and annual property financials and management of the REO directory for the organization with all corresponding files. 

 Manage files for all real estate assets for the organization, and implement a user friendly solution to retrieve as needed. 

 Support real estate team and function on real estate financials, closings and monthly reports. Ensure compliance with budget for real estate projects. 

Human Resources: 5% 

 Implement best practice policies and Human Resource Information System and other technology-based HR solutions. 

 Research and implement human resource solutions that are inextricable connected to the organization’s human resource and financial performance such as a 401K program and other duties as assigned. 

Technology/Information Systems: 5% 

 Ensure proper accounting and financial software for needs of the organization. 

 Participate in implementation of software and technology solutions throughout the organization including the organizational intranet. 

 Ensure property related technology solutions as appropriate. 

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